Seriously Green - Kat Swift

Polidoc Productions is currently working on a documentary called "Seriously Green." It is a documentary about the Green Party candidates running for President in 2008. A while ago I posted a clip of Kent Mesplay that was from this piece. Today I am posting a piece about Kat Swift. A very interesting candidate, Kat will be just old enough to be president on election day. ...

What I like about this clip is two very good points she brings up. The first being the reality of who can run for the office of President. Is it true that anyone can run for President, such as a full time working class citizen, or just the rich? I actually had the thought that a homeless and jobless person could probably run as well but that is a tangent we can go down in the comments section. The second point she makes is that part of why she is running is so that other people will look at her and see that running for local office is very doable.

She may not be my choice to represent the Green Party as a Presidential candidate but I am proud that she represents the Green Party in all ways.

Green on Green

Matt Gonzalez in Seattle