Road to the Throwdown

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are one of my favorite bands. A couple years ago I checked and it looked like they were defunct. No new albums were out or forthcoming and there wasn't a website for the band anymore. It was actually a little bit sad as I have a lot of good memories of their music as well as a couple shows I had the pleasure of seeing. It made me very happy to find out that the band is back together. While they may not be road warriors like they were before, they are once again touring. ...

With many bands, getting back together often comes with a VH1 documentary about the reunion. VH1 isn't involved, but they did put together a six part documentary about the road to their first show in 5 years. The 5 day concert series that spawned the concert album, Live From The Middle East, the Hometown Throwdown is an event for Bosstonians :cheers: to enjoy an awesome small venue concert experience.

Here is part one of the Road to the Throwdown:

For a larger player that gives you easy access to all 6 parts of this documentary visit MI145 at

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