Google's Browser - Chrome - goes live today

In Google's quest to take over the universe :lol: they have finally released their very own browser. They have named the browser Chrome. ...

I've only been test driving it for a short while but so far it seems pretty quick, even from an Opera user's point of view. Some of this might be because of features such as compiling page javascript or each tab having its own process. Either way, I like quick.

Another nice feature, which really comes from the reason they created Chrome, is application URLs. Since many things people use the internet for are actually applications that stay open all day, they've decided to allow you to create links on your desktop, start menu and quick nav bar that will open up a chrome-less ( pardon the pun ) version of the browser.

As an Opera user, the first thing I did was run it through the acid 3 test. Unfortunately it failed fairly miserably. I find it somewhat suprising, considering it was built off of webkit. Also, there are no mouse gestures and many of my keyboard shortcuts aren't applicable. I've grown too used to those to give them up. Oh well, they are google and as with all their apps it is in beta :)

UPDATE 9/4/08: I tried the acid 3 test again and chrome recieved a 79/100. Perhaps the website was experiencing difficulties on Tuesday.

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