The Press, Politics and Police

The Democratic and Republican National Conventions are the perfect place for protesters to voice their opinions to the people that can affect policy. They are also the perfect place to see a concentration of what is going on in politics and on the street. The first amendment grants the freedom to assemble and the freedom of the press but if anything, these conventions have proved that both major parties don't seem to care much about the Bill of Rights when it is inconvenient for them. ...

First up is an excerpt from Democracy Now!. Though biased, because its reporters were arrested, I feel that they did a good job of presenting the fact and minimizing the amount of story they added. However, some of that experience does come through fairly loud in their telling of it.

Second up is for those thinking this has everything to do with the Republicans and that the Democrats will be our salvation. If there is anything WTO protests in Seattle taught us is that the Democratic leaders hate protesters as much as the Republicans. I seem to remember a Clinton leading that charge. It's so inconvenient when people are so upset they uproot their lives to organize and be part of a protest. It also seems the Democrats don't like reporters nosing in on public streets outside their lobbyist dinners.

Anyone who loves freedom needs to be aware that our freedoms are corroding quickly and neither of the major parties are doing much about it. We need to force them to stand up and listen, we want our freedom. However, if the word freedom makes you say,"meh, it's not for me." Then by all means keep quiet.

UPDATE: Just looking around and I found out this. Sheriff Lott in Richland County, South Carolina is ready for the next convention.

Ralph Nader DNC Rally

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