Ron Paul and Ralph Nader on CNN

Earlier today on CNN, Ron Paul and Ralph Nader showed up together to answer questions from Wolf Blitzer. Why were they both on? It seems there is a minor party agreement on four issues affecting our country. These 4 points have been agreed upon by 4 minor party candidates with the hope that it will either force the issues to be taken up by major party candidates or get a minor party candidate elected President. ...

Details of the 4 points of agreement between the 4 candidates can be found on the website, but they include foreign policy, national debt, privacy and the federal reserve. While I'm not a Ron Paul revolutionary like many, I think what he is doing speaks volumes. He is not supporting the party he is a member of he is supporting his values. No wonder so many people stand behind him as a political messiah. Thank you Dr. Paul, you have my gratitude.

The audio from the 4 candidate press conference led by Dr. Paul is available online. I hope to link to the C-Span coverage in a forthcoming post.

Ron Paul, Minor Party Candidates and the 2008 Election

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