Ron Paul, Minor Party Candidates and the 2008 Election

Yesterday I posted a video from CNN that had Ron Paul and Ralph Nader talking about the 4 points agreement made by the candidates of the Green, Libertarian and Constitution parties as well as Ralph Nader. Well C-Span has a video of the press conference available for viewing online. Unfortunately, I could not figure out a way to embed it in my blog.

An interesting news story about this press conference is that Bob Barr didn't show up. Evidently there are two reasons why. One, he didn't want to dilute his personal message by being on the same stage as Cynthia McKinney. The other being that he thinks Ron Paul should choose to support just one candidate, not four. More specifically he wants Dr. Paul to endorse him. He has also requested Ron Paul to be his running mate even though he doesn't expect Dr. Paul to accept.

Of course, the purpose of this press conference was to change the system. Get minor party candidates with varying beliefs to agree on something ( 4 major points ), that the major parties are not talking about and don't agree with.

This announcement of agreement was made just in time for the Lou Dobbs Independent Convention that will be happening today. I'm not sure if all of the 4 candidates will be on the show but I know that Ralph Nader will be on and I'm fairly certain Ron Paul will be there as well.

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Ron Paul and Ralph Nader on CNN