An interview with Matt Gonzalez

Matt Gonzalez is my favorite VP candidate, and not just because he is Ralph Nader's running mate. I've mentioned my opinion on Wayne Root when he got nominated. Rosa Clemente, I like what she is doing but she doesn't speak to me directly. Then there is the mainstream candidates. Biden, I liked hearing him speak in the Democratic debates because he was different but I definately didn't want him to be president. Then there is Sarah Palin. I heard somebody say recently, "What a disaster." I like Matt Gonzalez because he has an uncanny way of talking about ( with a history to back it up ) of talking about dramatic almost revolutionary change with a laid back tone. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a chance to hear him speak much. Luckily I came across this hour long interview with him on ...

Matt did really well in this interview in the face of an interviewer who had some good counter questions for him as a candidate against the so-called people's party. In watching this, I want to know more about that notebook he has. He must have notes for any question people are likely to ask him with statistics, numbers, quotes and more to answer with. The fact that he can find what he is looking in there so fast says that he has a good indexing system.

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