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I don't like my money funding expenses that corporations should have to cover. After reading the book Free Lunch, all about hidden corporate subsidies by the US Government, I am more apalled than ever about how easy it is for the people who don't need money to get my money. That is why I am asking all Americans to call their senators and tell them you do not support Senate Bill 3325. It is known as the The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Act of 2008. ...

The The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Act of 2008, is a bill that takes the responsibility of enforcing copyright/trademark away from the copyright/trademark owners and puts it on the US Government. In this way, it nearly eliminates the cost burden a copyright holder must bear when dealing with cases of infringement. The recent history of the MPAA and RIAA lawsuits has already spent much of my taxpayers dollars on having courts deal with cases that are witchhunts at best ( though some witches may have been caught ). A bill like this just sets these witchhunts up as government sponsored and my money goes to support them.

By all means, if you want to spend your tax dollars helping the RIAA, the MPAA and others enforce copyright and trademark violations then do nothing. However, if you think your tax dollars could be put to better use elsewhere or that you shouldn't be taxed as much call your Senators and tell them no on Senate bill 3325. While you are at it, both major party presidential candidates are senators so find out what they think of spending your tax dollars to support the coffers of MPAA and the RIAA.

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