Keep it up America

It keeps seeming like the bailout bill is ready to be passed. People make compromises and it looks like we will move forward with a massive financial plan that has only been discussed for a week(or less). Thanks to the strongest declaration that America is run by the people that I have ever seen, and a few congress members who are against it on principle, the "final" bailout bill got rejected by the house. And stocks plummetted. Like many people, I am worried about the affects all this will have but I know that an optimal solution can be reached as long as we slow down. My family is starting to be affected by this crisis already as my wife works for Citigroup now( so it would seem ), but that only makes me want to make sure we take the time to work out a plan to keep this kind of mess from happening again. While this was created by a failure of the entire system, I still think we need to make sure that the most heinous corporate criminals pay for their crimes against society so that in the future people take a moment before letting their greed take over.

Who is and has been talking about this for years? Ralph Nader. Along with speaking out against corporate crime he has said again and again that citizens need to take back their country. The amount of letters, emails and phone calls that our members of congress are recieving is making them balk at passing this bill. Keep it up. I am proud to be an American today.

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