Nader Commercials

One thing I have been quite impressed with from the Nader campaign is how organized they are for an independent run for office. The ability to get on the ballots and reach their fund raising goals is amazing. Unfortunately, I have not and probably won't see any commercials for Ralph Nader. Air time for these commercials and production costs are forcing the campaign to focus on new media - the internet. Well, since Ralph Nader's message is the same as it has been for a long time I thought commercials from his 2000 campaign would work. Just change the names and some of the stats and it's like it was made for today. ...

Please keep in mind that this election the web address is

Some of these kids probably have grown up and can vote now. I hope they aren't apathetic.

It's good to watch Phil Donahue from 2000 as well. He is a respected tv personality who communicates the reasons Ralph Nader is running well.

The Vice Presidential Debate

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