White and Nerdy Green Screen Dancing

I've been listening to Weird Al Yankovich since the days of Eat It and Like a Surgeon. Of course then I grew up and started listening to ( and occasionally trying to make ) serious music. Also, one of my teachers in college was Travis Shredd ( of Travis Shredd and the Good Ole Homeboys ) so I still had a comedic music outlet. But I missed some of his music for a while. As nerdy as I am I missed such great parodies as Its All About The Pentiums ( Its All About The Benjamins ) and The Saga Begins ( Miss American Pie ). A couple of years ago though I saw him pushing a new album, Straight Outta Lynwood. This interested me because of the title of the album. Was he actually talking about Lynwood, WA?  No, he couldn't be. Could he?

Probably not, there are plenty of cities named Lynwood and at least one is in California. The big hit from this album was a parody of the song Ridin' Dirty called White 'n Nerdy. I've listened to the song and watched many videos because I can relate ( probably too much ).

About a month or so ago I found a green screen take from the video shoot online. This shoot is a one camera shot of the whole song with Al rapping while Donny Osmond dances in the whitest and nerdiest way possible. Take a gander and enjoy. [ad#Google Adsense]

White & Nerdy (Take #1) from waymoby on Vimeo.

Lance Burton: glass and bottle routine

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