Lance Burton: glass and bottle routine

In honor of my last JAMM post of the year ( and decade for that matter ) I thought I would revisit the magician recognized in my first JAMM post ever. If you followed the link you realize that my Just Another Magic Monday posts go back before the start of this blog ( but not really that far back in time ). At the beginning of my personal magical journey I found Lance Burton, who is still one of my favorite magicians. He has a lot of great routines, so how does one choose a routine to share. As with comedy and magic, it's all about the timing. This being the JAMM post before people go out and celebrate the new year, possibly in a bar but most likely with some drinks, I thought I would show his Glass and Bottle routine. There may be more slick routines out there for this but Lance performs in a way that just makes it look easy. He is a true master magician. [ad#Ellusionist] [youtube=] If you liked this post please follow me on twitter and/or subscribe to my RSS feed. If you only want to see my JAMM posts you can subscribe to the Just Another Magic Monday Feed.

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