Legend of Zelda redux

In the past I have asked you to watch the guild. Mostly because it is a fun web show and partly because it has Felicia Day (also a good reason to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog). Those same two reasons, and because Felicia day mentioned it on Facebook, had me check out the Legend of Neil. The name itself didn't tell me anything about the show. Immediately upon visiting the show's site though told me all I needed to know. The Legend of Neil is a show loosely based on the original Legend of Zelda. A game many people of my generation look upon fondly. In Game Informer magazine's 200th edition they listed the the top 200 games of all time and Legend of Zelda came in at number 1.

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The Legend of Neil twists these happy memories a bit. Mostly by loosely basing it of memories of the game rather than going back into the game for research. They then pervert by well thinking,"what would a drunk guy who got transported into the game because asphyxiated himself with the controller probably see in game?" Maybe Zelda is less caucasian than the games would have us believe. Perhaps the fairy's are a bit frisky.

Did I mention that the fairy is played by Felicia Day? It's not a role I would expect to see her in but according to Sandeep Parikh ( the Guild's Zaboo ) this is the type of improv she does all the time. In fact the first episode I watched was The Legend of Neil's musical episode where a spoof of "My Favorite Things" gets a little uncomfortable for a more normal elf. Legend of Neil, Season 2, Ep. 3 -- The Musical

The funniest line comes in early when Felicia the Fairy says, "Oh, i don't know. I'm not really into online musicals".  Nice. [ad#Google Adsense] I've now watched the whole 2 seasons of Neil and am hoping for a season 3. Have you seen Legend of Neil? What were your favorite parts? There are lots of other classic video game shows floating around the web, what do you like.  All I can say is this made me want to play Legend of Zelda again and now my 6 year old is learning about games through one of the games I grew up with. Sweet.

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