Go Magic Go down the Royal Road

As a magician, I can't in good conscious tip any methods on my blog because there is no way to tell if my reader is a magician or not. However, I am still a novice myself and I know how hard it is to find good methods to learn magic. So, I will gladly share some of the better ways I find to learn some magic if you too are wanting to learn the arcane arts ;) My JAMM posts are the perfect place to do this on occasion. Today's JAMM post, as you have probably already figured out, is me recommending the book The Royal Road to Card Magic. But that is not all. I didn't start making my way through this book until I came across an podcast series called Go Magic Go. Unfortunately, this podcast isn't still being created so you have to do a little, technical, leg work in order to find it. I've done the work for you so just point your RSS reader to http://thetrapdoor.libsyn.com/rss.

If you don't know what an RSS reader is, a great online tool is Google Reader. Just click the "Add A Subscription" button and add the URL above. While your at it, do the same with http://ducharme.cc to follow the blog you are currently reading.

Back to the topic at hand. The Royal Road To Card Magic is the book they work through in a special series of podcasts  Go Magic Go did for beginners. Even though the book is written well and you can get a lot out of it on your own, what you get from the beginner series podcasts is almost like a virtual magic mentor. You get tips for practicing, things to watch out for and other information that you would only get from making mistakes yourself.  I still haven't gotten through the book because I'm going quite slow ( as recommended by the Go Magic Go podcast ) and still was learning some very powerful techniques and tricks almost immediately.

Here is the first lesson to get you started:

For less than $10, this book is a gold mine of magical technique. It goes well with the fact that card magic is a nice inexpensive way to start learning magic theory. The Go Magic Go podcasts are free and come with a wealth of information for anyone serious about magic. So I highly recommend listening to more than just the Beginner Series podcasts. [ad#Ellusionist] If you liked this post please follow me on twitter and/or subscribe to my RSS feed. If you only want to see my JAMM posts you can subscribe to the Just Another Magic Monday Feed.

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