French + Flight of the Conchords = Sweet

Eliza Coupe as Dr. Mahoney on Scrubs I love flight of the conchords. I also love Scrubs. I am also a fan of comedy and the french language. These 4 things came together in the first season of Flight of the Conchords. Watching season 9 of Scrubs, where Eliza Coupe plays Dr. Denise Mahoney I am constantly thinking about "A Kiss Is Not A Contract."

Definitely No Sugar

Of course, the number one song and video for me from the series is Foux De Fa Fa. If you ever took French in high school and have forgotten everything since this should be pretty funny for you. If you are a francophile with a sense of humor( like myself ), enjoy. [youtube=] [ad#Google Adsense] If you liked this post please subscribe to my RSS Feed and/or follow me on Twitter. If you only want to read my Sunday Funnies posts subscribe to the Sunday Funnies feed. Until next time, thanks for reading.

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