Autolycus AKA Bruce Campbell

Used to be, my wife and I would watch Xena, Warrior Princess together on TV. The show, by itself, had some very funny moments. However both Xena and Hercules had a reoccurring character that was quite silly. No, not talking about Ted Raimi's Joxer the Mighty (though I loved him too) but the King of Thieves - Autolycus, played by B as in B-movie (or is that Burn Notice?) Bruce Campbell. Inspired by his twitter feed and being in a remembering Xena mood for some reason, I went on a hunt for a humorous video for this week's Sunday Funnies post. I believe this video montage properly shows the smoothness of Autolycus with the humor of one Bruce Campbell.


I miss the silliness of the characters portrayed in the Xena/Hercules universe and I wouldn't mind seeing them again in new stuff.

Happy Magical Year of the Dragon

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