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DDP Catcher Postion Day 1I've decided to change my regular post with a new resolution I've taken on, DDP Yoga. I've actually started DDP Yoga's fitness routines a couple times in the past. I was first inspired by this video.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX9FSZJu448&w=640&h=360]

Inspiring indeed. So I watched it again. Teared up again. And resolved to make a difference in my own life. This time though I was inspired to focus on building habits first. Rather than pushing hard I was going to kick my ego to the curb and just follow the beginner plan. Along with the fitness plan I am following the nutrition plan as well.

Following the beginner plan for fitness was very simple because it was only 3 days of fitness routines. Because I think waking up early is the better plan for me I decided to make the habit of waking early be the most important part. So even on my 2 weekdays with no exercise I wanted to wake up early as well. This worked fine on one but I didn't make it on the other. It is still the first week so I'm not going to make it mean anything. I'm going to see how next week goes.

As for the nutrition I lucked out last Sunday night in that I doubled a recipe for 2 servings so that I could make dinner for the family and ended up with leftovers that lasted me through Wednesday lunches. This and the eggs I was already making every morning made it easy to follow the plan. I had a couple of cheat days and I wrote about in my Team DDP Yoga blog. Even with these light cheat days, things still went better than I used to do. In fact my first week has already brought fast results. Last Sunday when I weighed myself I was at 250 pounds. This Sunday when I weighed myself I was at 244 pounds.

I'm going to keep posting as I keep up with the program to share what has come up for me. I hope that whatever I find out can help someone else who might come across this post. If you want to follow my daily updates you can go to my Team DDP Yoga page and follow my blog posts.

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