Oatmeal Scrambled Eggs - Cooking with Joy experiment

Now that I've stopped walking through The 4-Hour Chef and started applying the knowledge that I gained from doing the work in the first section of the book, my focus on writing about the journey needs to change. Also, I've got a new focus I will be giving (mostly) weekly updates on - following the DDP Yoga program. So now my cooking with joy posts will be about specific experiments and happy accidents I encounter and sharing the lessons learned. Most, like today's post will be successes but if a failure (though these rarely happen) is bad enough I might write about that as well. This post's happy accident is about Oatmeal Scrambled Eggs.

The Happy Accident

So far things were going well with the nutritional part of the DDP Yoga program then yesterday I looked in the fridge to find there was no whole grain bread to make toast to go along with my breakfast. Along with that, there wasn't much else that I wanted to add for my complex carbohydrate at breakfast. I thought about making a sweet potato but it really was too early for that. Then I saw my wife's oatmeal sitting in the fridge. She makes oatmeal for herself in a larger batch than she'll eat in one day and takes a bit each day and reheats it. It felt more like breakfast so I put some in a small bowl and made my eggs. When I was done and sat down at the table I looked the the braveuse (snotty looking) scrambled eggs and looked at the oatmeal. I wondered what it would be like to mix the two together. I mixed them together and wow! This was a great combination. The texture was wonderful and I'm thinking the flavor combination I used was the right one.

The Recipe

The basic recipe I used is from The 4-Hour Chef but has been shared online via evernote. This is helpful because I'd like to separate the base recipe from my changes.

The Four-Hour Chef: Northeast African Scrambled Eggs

My recipe was basically made the same but I changed up the flavoring I went with. One of the most valuable things I've gotten out of The 4-Hour Chef was a list of 44 flavor combination and there is one I've been using a lot lately because it is very tasty but mostly to use up the fish sauce I haven't been using anywhere else. For flavoring I've been using curry powder, chili powder and fish sauce. Much like the lemon juice used in the base recipe, I put the fish sauce in at the end. Unlike the base recipe I use 2 3-fingered pinches of the spices with my eggs. However, feel free to start with one and work your way up.


I did this recipe again this morning to take pictures. I also got a chance to see if it was still as great a breakfast meal as I remember and it was. If you try this recipe, try with the other flavor combinations as well. I will. From the base recipe you have at least 2 other flavor combinations to try. If you'd like more feel free to read other cooking with joy posts and/or leave comments in the posts requesting more information.

Foods don't always seem great together until you try them. That's how recipes get made. If I get a hankering to put two things together I've never done before I'll do it. At minimum I'll post them to my twitter account but if they are really good (or really bad), I'll likely post them here as well. You might also like to follow my tumblr feed as well. It seems I've finally found a use for it and it is posting mysterious pictures about what I am cooking. Of course, I reblog a thing or two as well as share other pics from my life. Have fun and cook with joy.

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