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Dad's on TV keep changing. I can't speak much for what came before my time but I can say it has been dismal for a while. Pop-culture dads were showing up bafoonish, in the form of Homer Simpson and wannabes or weren't even existant at all. To be fair, real dads are and should be silly at times but I think the lack of good role models made it easy for us to let ourselves off the hook. Really, this father image was just an extension of the acceptable male image of the time. What happens when the dumb, milquetoast, codependent guy finally becomes a dad?

The metaphor of Icarus and Daedalus is actually more of an anti-metaphor. Instead of being a vision of what could be the story of Icarus and Daedalus is a lesson of what happens when sons don't learn from a father's wisdom and a father doesn't pay enough attention to his son to understand him. I'm simplifying of course but this lesson, this anti-metaphor is about the importance of generational wisdom. The fathers have wisdom to teach the youth but they must also learn from the youth while letting the youth fly.