Review: Firefly (Original Television Soundtrack)

Within the past year I was introduced to the television show "Firefly" and the movie that was made after it was cancelled called "Serenity". As this show is well beyond just "brilliant but cancelled" I became a big fan. When this soundtrack came up in my amazon gold box deals I had to check it out. ...

Of course, for a fan the Firefly soundtrack is a must have. One of the many great things about the series was the music. It set such a great mood for this future, yet so present day, 'verse that Joss Whedon created. Today I have been playing the songs in random order at work and they are great background music to work to. It sets a wide assortment of moods, to go along with the ways visuals the music went with, but for the most part it is very soothing. I feel that the music on this album would be great for anybody to have in your library, especially if you are a fan of soundtracks.

For fans of the show it is missing "The Hero of Canton", but after listening to it I feel the song would almost be out of place with the rest of this music. Of course, if you own Firefly: the Complete Series you probably have access to the Easter Egg of Adam Baldwin ( Jayne ) singing the song, with a slight modification.

As I said before, this is good music even if you aren't a fan of Firefly and Serenity. However if you haven't seen them yet do so, you will become a fan as well. It is what television was meant to be.

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