LOCs Lifelong Literacy Campaign

Originally posted by http://www.loc.gov/literacy/about/:

In an effort to inspire young people to become lifelong learners and encourage reading, the Ad Council and the Library of Congress have launched a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) to promote the Lifelong Literacy campaign.Created pro bono by The Geppetto Group, Buena Vista Home Entertainment and the Brigham Young University (BYU) Ad Lab, the new TV and web PSAs encourage children to “explore new worlds” and visit www.Literacy.gov.

When I first saw one of these advertisements, I thought it was wonderful. Truly expressing the magic that can be found in books. Being in media development I have a great respect for powerful commercials. Being a parent who likes book I have an great respect for these. Especially since the one I saw today almost made me cry. ...

The Narnia one was one that almost made me cry, and I think it was the choice of music for them. The first one I saw was the Oz Public Service Announcement and it is just as great so here it is:

And finally there is the one based on Camelot

These are beautiful pieces that will hopefully spark the imaginations of kids and set them up to be stronger readers. The full videos are also available for higher quality download at the Lifelong Literacy About page.

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