Creating Myself in the New Year

Once again it is the beginning of a new year. At least for those of us that consider this New Year's Day and consider the passing of one day to be a good time to look into the new year. Often the new year brings both celebration and resolutions. Resolutions are those things we plan on doing in the new year. Instead of doing something this year I decided to be something this year. Instead of creating a resolution I decided to create myself as a possibility for the year. ...

Last year I did have a resolution. Like many new year's resolutions, I didn't do what I said I would do. Looking back at last year's resolution I realize that I am out of integrity and decided that the reason was in my being.

My being around last years resolution was that getting back in the wrestling ring would be a good idea and that I would have some fun doing it. However, that isn't far off from my being in most of life. So for the past few weeks I have been doing some digging around inside of myself trying to find a being that excites me and would call me to be the true me who often gets covered up by being reasonable.

Today, I am creating myself as the possibility of love, being extraordinary in the face of no agreement. For many people who have not taken some of the ontological courses and seminars put on by Landmark Education this might make very little sense so let's take it apart. Though it is very possible you can understand this from your own life experiences.

Creating myself...
Often times we think to ourselves,"I am who I am". When asked to explain who we are it requires us to use words. Different people might use different words to describe us. So to different people who use words other than those we would use, we are actually different people. Sometimes, other people's perspectives on who we are can change our own perspective on ourselves. In that way, other people create who we are. For me to create myself I just declare who I am with words for other people to read. the possibility...
To be a possibility allows you to not only be something( i.e. generous, loving, compassionate ) but to also be a space for it. Being a possibility calls you into being and yet makes it okay if sometimes you forget yourself. Other people around you are often times drawn into your possibility.

...of love,
I've heard love described many ways. I've watched a lot of romantic comedies and heard all of the cliches about love. When I say love it means accepting people for who they are and for who they are not. This is what some people who do not use this definition might call unconditional love because by its very nature it can not be conditional. Acceptance is a powerful possibility to stand in.

being extraordinary...
This could also be said "being unreasonable( with myself )." I use being extraordinary because it calls to me more powerfully. Often in life the only thing that stops us is ourselves. We make up reasons that don't really matter to keep ourselves from taking actions that could have a positive impact on our lives. Being reasonable keeps us from making the simplest of requests. To be extraordinary I am required to be unreasonable, especially with myself. the face of no agreement
In being a new possibility we find that people in our lives often act as roadblocks. They say words like no, can't, impossible and that can be pretty difficult to deal with. So its important to remember all the ways we can move forward in the face of no agreement. One way is to do it yourself. This is the most difficult way to get things done but sometimes it is the only way to go. Another way to move forward is to find people who agree with whatever it is you are trying to do. This is a good option as well. You could listen to the people saying no and find out why. Perhaps they can support your possibility in some other way. The most powerful way to move forward is to enroll other people in your possibility. Make other people believe in your dreams. Then they will be driven forward even when you are not around. While this may be the easiest way to get things done( related to your possibility ) it can also be the most difficult to accomplish. However, by being a powerful possibility you can be the space for amazing things to occur.

Originally posted by Socrates:

To be is to do

Who I am is the possibility of love, being extraordinary in the face of no agreement

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