Green Debate Update

Last week I wrote about Sunday's Green Party debate hosted by the Alameda County Greens. Well the debate happened yesterday and here is the update from their site: ...


It was a brilliant event! 800 attendees, nearly a full house, in one of the nicest venues in San Francisco, the historic Herbst. All the candidates appeared at their best, and were exceptional on stage. All great spokespersons, and fine examples of the Green movement. The Great Green Debate made the local TV news and newspapers, and will be shown in part on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now this coming week. Thanks to Mike Feinstein’s crew, it will soon (in one or two days) be available in documentary format on YouTube. And KPFA radio’s full 3-hour taping of the event, with Green MC Aimee Allison and political analyst Larry Bensky will air Tuesday night, 7 pm (Pacific Time), on 94.1 FM in the Bay Area, and live streaming for the world online at . Listen in and see for yourself what the Green Party can look like, in the proper setting. Superb!

First round of photos can be seen at

We hope to have a full audio track available on this site by Monday evening, for those who want a downloadable file for rebroadcast. Stay tuned... we are just getting started!

Once the audio file and youTube documentary are available I will make sure to post them here.

Green Party Debate Videos

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