The case for debate reform

One of the things that led me to purchasing the domain name was that I was fed up with only having two parties to choose from. Sure, some places third parties have access to the ballots and some even get elected( like this guy ). However, for the most part the political machine in the United States of America is set up to only have two parties to elect from. I'll admit, I hadn't been paying attention in 2000 and 2004 when Ralph Nader ran for president so I didn't have any clue about what happened with regards to debates. The following is a clip from a documentary on Ralph Nader called,"An Unreasonable Man." ...

In the past week taking a look at third party candidates, such as Ralph Nader, I've learned about how the presidential debates aren't run by the news media or even the government itself but rather a corporation run by former chairs of the Republican and Democratic national committees. The corporation is called the commission on presidential debates and in 2000 they not only banned him from the debates but they kept him from even being on the grounds where the debates were being held.

We live in a time when we can listen to these third party candidates and share this information easily. Make sure you keep paying attention.

Green Debate Update

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