Lost in Super Mardi Gras

Today is Super Tuesday. Today is Mardi Gras. But lost in the buildup to super mardi gras was any mention of what is going on in third parties. Since I am now a Green Party( currently unrecognized by my state ) member, I will point you in the direction of a couple of news bits about the Green Party. One bit is about Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney and the other is in relation to whether or not Ralph Nader will run for President. ...

First, Cynthia McKinney was interviewed on Democracy Now! and spoke about many different aspects of her campaign and the Green Party. She was interviewed the day after the Super Bowl and told of the work she was doing to form a support committee for the voters of Latin America. Many of these countries have produced change by the power of the ballot and deserve our support. She also discusses her reasoning behind moving from the Democratic party to the Green Party. Following that discussion they talk about the two front running Democratic Candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In the end, though they move onto our next subject - Ralph Nader's possible run for the presidency and whether or not Cynthia Mckinney thinks it is a positive.( Hint: She like many voices in the political system ).

In the Cynthia McKinney interview they discussed how in the previous week Ralph Nader had announced he was setting up an exploratory committee for a Presidential run in 2008. So I did a search and found the interview with Ralph Nader after his announcement. For the most part it did two thing. The interview allowed Nader to mention his website for the committee( naderexplore08.org ) and explain part of his decision process for running.

I have been reading a lot about and by Ralph Nader as of late and this is big news. Ralph Nader is a voice for people to remember that they have power in this government. Ralph want to be out there, reminding people of this. If he gets elected along the way, we all could be better for it.

In the interest of complete journalism I am posting the full Democracy Now! videos that have both these interviews.


Democracy Now! with Cynthia McKinney interview


Democracy Now! with Ralph Nader interview

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