Glad that's over

Super Tuesday is done, and I'm glad it's over. I just checked out and was a little disgusted. I looked at the results and there was something glaringly obvious on the Democratic side. Edwards, Biden and Richardson - who have all dropped out of the race - showed up in the results but Mike Gravel - who is still running - was nowhere to be seen. Whether this is an issue of people not voting for him enough to show in the polls or that CNN has a problem with the candidate doesn't matter. Both are disgusting. ...

I understand that Mike Gravel has not been very visible lately. You would have to make an effort to look for him. Is he not trying hard enough? Are his supporters beaten down too much to make it happen? Is it the corporate interests keeping him away from the spotlight?

While I have done my best to remain diligent in this Presidential race, I am now making a change as of today. There is no reason for me to follow the Democrats or Republicans any more. I've never really liked the Republican party candidates. The Democrats hold very little interest for me any more. The largest reason, is because you already get enough information about them from the mainstream media. What do they need my help for?

What does this mean? I'm not going to cover or post full video of either the Democratic or Republican events. Perhaps I will post bits that include some people talking about lesser talked about subject. For instance Fair Tax. Three candidates from those parties are talking about that Gravel, Paul and Huckabee yet we hear so little about it. How about complete withdrawal from Iraq? Two candidates from those parties are talking about that( Gravel, Paul ). What about Mike Gravel's National initiative? It is probably the best progressive and truly new idea to come out of the democratic party since I can remember.

For the most part I am going to focus on what you don't see, or maybe you missed because you only had one chance to see it. I'm going to focus on the Green Party. I am going to focus on Ralph Nader. I am going to focus on Mike Gravel. I am going to focus on Cynthia McKinney. I am going to focus on non-presidential election issues.

My posts and my vote are a statement that I get to make. I am now going to focus on making statements with my political posts.

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