Plus la musique française / More French Music

For my valentine's day post this year I posted a youTube video of Francis Cabrel, who I heard about from ( 72, 73 ). Recently I purchased L'Essentiel 1997-2007 so that I could listen to his music more frequently. It is a great collection of music. Now that I have one collection of music I thought I'd look into another group I heard from ( 71, 72 ) and liked - Niagara. ...

Niagara was a mid to late 80's band that created pop music of the day. Since I grew up listening to late 80's music, it is no suprise I like ( what for me amounts to ) new 80's music. The song I most enjoyed from the podcasts was Pendant Que Les Champ Brûlent. Muriel Moreno's sultry singing style in that song reminded me of some great alternative bands of the early 90's while at the same time making me think of Billy Holiday's almost lazy singing style.

Since I wanted to hear more of the band to see if I liked them, I took a look at the track list for their album Flammes and made a youTube playlist of as much of the album as I could. The music was fun and the videos were definately indicative of their time. One song and video that really caught my eye was Les Flammes de L'Enfer. Between the circus theme and the colors it is quite spectacle. Here it is, enjoy.

On a personal note, I appreciate how the Daniel Chenevez had his conducting in time with the music.

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