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As far as we can determine, almost all of human existence consists of humans being hunter gatherers. Only recently, historically speaking, have we changed to farming for sustenance. Even more recent is how much of our lives hide the fact that farming goes on at all. We've move from being hunters and gatherers who must search to our food; to farmers, who are still connected to where our food comes from; to now having no idea where our food even comes from. The hunter gatherer metaphor isn't just about food though, it is about cultural difference. While it is easy to see what we have gained, there is quite a bit that we have lost.

The metaphor of Icarus and Daedalus is actually more of an anti-metaphor. Instead of being a vision of what could be the story of Icarus and Daedalus is a lesson of what happens when sons don't learn from a father's wisdom and a father doesn't pay enough attention to his son to understand him. I'm simplifying of course but this lesson, this anti-metaphor is about the importance of generational wisdom. The fathers have wisdom to teach the youth but they must also learn from the youth while letting the youth fly.