MTV Adobe Air Challenge

I'm jealous of all the people in Chicago at Adobe Max 2007. There is a lot going on this year that I am particularly interested in. I've seen a preview of flash player 10. Flex 3 and AIR beta 2 are out with some great new features people have been wanting to test out. One good thing though is there is much blogging going on. ...

In one of the most recent blogs I saw a link mentioned in passing. The link led me to the homepage for the MTV/Adobe AIR Challenge. I'm pondering if I should look into building something. There are a lot of smart people who will be doing some stuff as well. Of course, failure sometimes is the best option so I probably will. Now, what should I build? I haven't watched MTV since Tough Enough season 3 ( the last season? ).

If you have any ideas, I would love to read them.

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